Season of Thrills Cover Reveal

I’m excited to share with you the cover for Season of Thrills.

SEASON OF THRILLS: 5 Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Novels by Bestselling Authors (Box Set) will be available for pre-order September 1st at the *special limited time price* of $0.99! Then it goes up to the regular price of $7.99 US on release day – December 1st! #seasonofthrills

TRUE DECEIT by A.J. Carella
The truth will set you free … unless it kills you first.

Mike is sure he has hit rock bottom after his wife leaves him. Little does he realize that it’s just the beginning and things are about to get worse. A lot worse. But all is not as it seems and soon he is forced to face the truth of his past in order to protect his future. Intense and fast-paced, this ride will have you on the edge of your seat.

REFLECTION (A Whitney Steel Novel – Book One) by Kim Cresswell

Lunch with the ex-husband is not always a fun thing especially when bullets start flying and reporter Whitney Steel finds herself in the middle of a human cloning story that will rock the world…providing she lives long enough to get her byline. “A deeply emotional romantic suspense that starts bold and holds you captive to the very end.” –New York Times Bestseller, Dianna Love

KILLING SECRETS (A Thorne’s Thorn Novel, Book One) by K. L. Docter

Some secrets are better left dead. Too bad the Angel Killer’s digging them up.

Rachel James’ ex-husband is released from prison determined to reclaim her and her traumatized child, his key to the James fortune. Patrick Thorne isn’t interested in helping another of his parents’ charity cases, especially after losing his unborn son and wife to suicide. Only trust will untangle the secrets that dominate their lives, free a child of her silent prison, and save them both from a killer who stands too close.

BROKEN PIECES (Bits & Pieces Book One) by Rachel Kent

Tara Jacobs had her life completely planned. She truly did have it all after a lifetime of struggles. Unfortunately, her stepbrother arrives in town and threatens to ruin her well-laid plans with some blackmail. Tara stops at almost nothing to keep her skeletons from tumbling out of the closet.

IF I FAIL (A Jake Carrington Mystery Book One) by Marian Lanouette

Are rules really meant to be broken? Jake Carrington finds out the hard way and the answer is no! Dating Chloe Wagner was a huge mistake, and Jake should have known better—he’s investigating the murder of Chloe’s sister. Now Chloe is the number one suspect in that murder. If she’s convicted, Jake could lose not only his rank, but his career. If that’s not bad enough, he’s got a stalker on his hands, someone who’s threatening his fledgling relationship with the lovely Mia. Things are getting just a little too personal for comfort!

SEASON OF THRILLS Box Set is a value-packed, thrill ride for those who love romantic suspense, procedural suspense, detective mysteries, thrillers, and so much more!


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Celebrity Sightings Part 2

Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady of the United States (Summer of 1960 or 61)

My Uncle Tom was also my godfather. A decorated veteran for his services, he saved many lives in the battle where he lost his right arm. A true American hero in our family’s opinion who received the congressional Medal of Honor and Purple heart along with many other awards. Uncle Tom was great fun.  I loved Sundays and holidays when we spent time with him, Aunt Marge and my cousins.

One summer before school started in September, both families packed up, drove to Upstate to the resort (in those days it was called a camp.) Tom a disabled veteran received the use of a cabin for the week. Now you have to imagine it was a little crowded. Uncle Tom had five children, and his brother, my father, also a veteran, had ten. It was a chaotic, fun filled week. Not only was I on vacation, but I was spending it with people I loved and enjoyed.

Several exciting things happened that week.

The first event had our skins crawling. A large, and I mean large snake, wrapped itself around the corner of the building. It was the first time I ever heard my mother scream and get so excited, and not in a good way. I think her fear, filled me more than curiosity. The men and the groundskeeper took care the pesky thing and life resumed. Over the years, that snake has grown to such a size it was wrapped around three-quarters of the house. In reality, I’m not sure of the size. At six, everything’s out of portion.

Even at a young age, I understood the next event was huge. Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States, visited the camp. She appeared dwarf next to some of the veterans, but in reality she was average only in height.

Mrs. Roosevelt spent hours sitting with the men discussing their courage, their needs, politics, and life in general. She thanked each and every one of the soldiers for their service to our great country.

After spending time with the men, she moved on to their spouses. Mrs. Roosevelt spent a couple of hours in discussion with them about childrearing, politics, their strength to keep the home front going strong during their husbands’ absences and life in general.

The next group she took time with was us kids; first the teenagers, than us youngsters. It was mind boggling how she fit in with each group and was accepted easily. There were no awkward pauses when she changed groups.

 She sat, played and discussed whatever was on our minds. Mrs. Roosevelt left an impression of strength and fortitude, that made us realize our fathers and uncles were not only family, but real American heroes. When I questioned why she was so special and everyone wanted to speak with her. After she finished laughing, she gave me the best answer. Said she didn’t know, because to her our parents were the special ones.

Naturally at six, I continued to question her. When asked if we could be heroes too, she answered: We could be anything we wanted to be when we grew up, because we lived in the greatest country in the world. And she was right.

The following year, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt passed away. Her passing saddened a nation. We understood we lost a grand lady on that day. I think of her often, and pull strength from her words and deeds on tough days.

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Holy Cow, Batman, we’re number 20 on Amazon.

Holy Cow, Batman, we’re number 20 on Amazon.
Here are some awesome numbers for Season of Love. Check them out on Amazon.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,452 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) #20 in Books > Romance > Historical > Regency …
#22 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Regency
#105 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Teen & Young Adult

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Celebrity Sightings (a new series)

When one looks back at their life, you realize how many incredible things have happened to you along the way. This series of blog postings will discuss celebrity sightings. The next series is still in the works, but I believe it will be on friendships developed and cherished over the years. I hope you not only enjoy the series, but stop back each week to see who is highlighted next.

Thank you,


Pope John XXIII (1960’s)

It started in 2nd grade, when I was picked to welcome Pope John XXIII to the New York. I was so excited telling everyone I knew, of any religion, what an honor was bestowed on me.


It was a frigid January day. The lucky few who were picked to attend the event met in the school yard at six a.m. We were loaded on to two school buses. I remember shivering in my school jumper and saddle shoes, my winter coat and tights not enough to keep me warm, my hat pulled down over my ears offered some heat. The bus took us along the Belt Parkway, police cruisers were everywhere. After a half hour, our bus was guided to the shoulder, then onto the grassy area about two miles from Idlewild Airport (Now JFK). The nuns emptied the buses and lined us up along the highway each with a rose. We stood out there for almost an hour. Shivering, cranky kids started to get restless when word came down the line that his Holiness’s caravan was approaching.


I had imagined this event in my mind for days. I knew just what I’d say to him, and who I’d ask him to pray for. I had just lost my cherished grandmother. The Pope came by in an enclosed car, sitting by the window, waving to the crowds. The driver had to be cruising at thirty miles or more. He was a blur as they raced by, as the nuns had us bless ourselves. Standing there stunned, I felt cheated. It must have showed, because Sister Catherine Louise came over, and told us she heard he sent a special blessing to all of us. As the faithful and young, we took her at her words and behaved on the ride home.


The more I thought about it, even at that age, I knew I wasn’t cheated. Pope John XXIII knew we, his faithful, stood out there in the frigid morning climate to greet him. By doing that we let him know our religion and numbers were strong and growing. These were my mother’s words of wisdom to me when I got home and I agreed with her.


Pope John XXIII was canonized on April 27, 2014.


Next week, I’ll discuss the time I met Eleanor Roosevelt at a resort for disable veterans, men and women who made one the ultimate sacrifice for their countries, the loss of limbs.

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Leo J. Maloney

July 20, 2015

Mission K9 Rescue Tribute Gala
Featuring Thriller/Mystery Authors



A Great Opportunity to Help American Hero Dogs

Mission K9 Rescue* is dedicated to the service of retired Military and Contract Working Dogs by providing monetary, transportation, adoption, and professional assistance for these retired Hero Dogs.


The Mission K9 Rescue Tribute Gala Featuring Thriller/Mystery Authors will benefit this worthy foundation:


Saturday, November 14, 2015


6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Four Points by Sheraton

1 Audubon Rd., Wakefield, MA  01880


Cocktail Reception  -  Dinner  -  Live and Silent Auctions

Each table hosted by one of 27 Thriller/Mystery Authors attending

Appearances by Hero Dogs and Handlers

Emcee: Boston radio personality and singer Candy O’Terry


For anyone who is unable to attend but would like to contribute to this very worthy cause, please send a check made out to Mission K9 Rescue and mail it in care of Leo J. Maloney to P.O. Box 80048, Stoneham, MA 02180.  Or Donate Here

Please see event details at:


Thank you in advance for your support!


* Mission K9 Rescue is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit charitable foundation.



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Season of Love answer for the Romance Review Summer Party

Did Chase step over the line when he put in for time off for Noelle?


Noelle stared at him, then turned and peered into the rear seat. Baffled, she turned back. “Suitcases? The red one looks like mine.”

“Yep, it is, one for you and one for me.”

“Mine? You packed for me?” She tugged her hat lower on her head and wondered what he was up to.

“Yes. And…I’m hijacking you for a few days. Today’s Saturday…”

She interrupted him. “I know what day it is. How did you know what to pack for me? What I’d want to wear?”

“I packed what I thought you’d need. If it’s not right we’ll buy whatever you need along the way.”

“Buy along the way. Are you mad? I didn’t put in for time off.”

Shaking his head, he placed his hand on her left thigh. “I got Renee to put in a time-off slip for you. Now you have not only tomorrow you have the entire week off. “

“The entire week—are you crazy? I didn’t have that much time left. What have you done?”

“Noelle, I checked. You had some days coming to you this year…so,” he hesitated. “I thought I’d surprise you. Did I do something wrong?”

“Yes, you did something wrong. You messed with my job, you rummaged through my things, you—you…” she growled. “I don’t have a whole week left for this year.”

“It’s all legit. Some of those days are from this year and the rest are from next year.”

“Damn it, Chase. We’re going to need to discuss boundaries. “

“I’m sorry. All I wanted to do was spend time alone with you, not get you mad.”

Taking a deep breath, she wondered how she could phrase this without causing a major all-out fight. She knew he meant well, but…”Don’t you get it? I need all my time off to plan the wedding, if I want to pull it all together in such a short time,” she said, exasperated.

“You need this time off so you’ll look like a beautiful, relaxed bride.”

Shaking her head, she realized he didn’t have a clue. “No bride is relaxed. It’s against the rules.”





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Upcoming Events

Friday, June 5, 2015
7pm to 9:30 pm Please join USA Today Bestselling author Stephanie Queen, Stacy Hoff, Gerri Brousseau, Bobbi Lerman and me, Merry Holly (AKA Marian Lanouette) celebrate the release of our anthology Season of Love.
Here’s the link to the party.


There’ll be prizes and giveaways. To celebrate the price for the anthology has been dropped to 99 cents for a limited time.

Wednesday, July 29 2015
4 pm to 9 pm at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA.
Click here for more info:

September 12, 2015
“The Secret World of Deep Cover Operatives”.
Sponsor and Venue for the event:
Mercedes-Benz of Burlington
80 Cambridge St.
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel# 781-229-1600

November 14, 2015

The purpose of the Mission K9 Rescue Gala is to bring awareness and raise money to support the Hero Dogs who have served our country and communities so bravely.

The foundation provides monetary, transportation, adoption and medical assistance for retired military and contract dogs.

The event is open to general public who are:
•Strong supporters of the military who want to help dogs who have fought alongside their handlers and have saved over 200 soldiers’ lives per year.
•Dog lovers who want to rescue or reunite hero dogs with their military handlers.
•Avid readers of thriller/mystery novels who would like to get to meet some of their favorite authors


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Goodreads Giveaway Enter Today

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Season of Magic by Merry Holly

Season of Magic

by Merry Holly

Giveaway ends February 01, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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Our Readers are the Best!

Once again today, I woke up to find Season of Magic (Holiday Box Set) on the top 100 lists for both Best Seller (#48) and Hot New Releases (#27). It’s indescribable  the feeling of joy it gives all the authors who participated in this anthology.

Listed below is the Season of Magic Facebook page. If you haven’t liked it, please do. Right now we’re at 481 likes. Once we hit 500 and every milestone there after, there’ll be a drawing for prizes. The first drawing is for an autographed book from me. Your choice.


Here’s the link to the rankings on Amazon. Page down to the middle of the page, you’ll see us at #47. Next click on Holiday, than Hot New Releases to see us at #27. These numbers change hourly, but we’ve been in the top 100 on both the Best Sellers and Hot New Release lists for the last nine days. AND that’s  THANKS to all of YOU.




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His Name was Ben

This is an uplifting, emotional story that I recommend everyone reads.

Back Cover Blurb:

Hearing the words “it’s cancer,” threw Sara Phillips’ life into chaos, until an unexpected turn of events and a chance encounter with a stranger changed everything—his name was Ben. Based on real events, Ben and Sara discover that when all else fails, healing can come in the most unexpected ways. Chilling and heart wrenching, His Name Was Ben is a triumph over the devastating circumstances and fear experienced when faced with a terminal illness. In this narrative, the power of love conquers shadows and transforms the very nature and meaning of what it is to be fully alive. From the award winning, best-selling author of, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, comes a story filled with soul and passion that will leave the reader thinking about it for days after the last page is closed. 
“Paulette Mahurin compassionately renders an insightful tale about love and life in the moment, when a moment is all there is. Both ordinary and extraordinary, Sara and Ben kept me up at night rooting for them, as did Mahurin of course, a writer of exceptional heart, for her tender and wise depiction of love against all odds. A rare pleasure, His Name Was Ben is not to be missed.”—Lee Fullbright, author of The Angry Woman Suite 

“Paulette Mahurin compassionately renders an insightful tale about love and life in the moment, when a moment is all there is. Both ordinary and extraordinary, Sara and Ben kept me up at night rooting for them, as did Mahurin of course, a writer of exceptional heart, for her tender and wise depiction of love against all odds. A rare pleasure, His Name Was Ben is not to be missed.”—Lee Fullbright, author of The Angry Woman Suite 


“Against the biggest of obstacles a couple can face, the positive message is that it is never too late to start living.” –Christoph Fischer author of Sebastian.


Paulette Mahurin lives with her husband Terry and three dogs, Max, Bella, and Lady Luck in Ventura County, California. Profits from her books go to rescue dogs.


Buy link:


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