4th Season of Thrills Excerpt: Author Rachel Kent

Welcome back. This is the 4th excerpt from the upcoming Season of Thrills Box Set. Rachel Kent joins me today to share her excerpt.



BROKEN PIECES by Rachel Kent


“Give me the money and he’ll never see these,” he breathed, his noxious breath caused Tara Jacobs’s stomach to heave in rebellion. Her evil stepbrother Markus Lambert was threatening her. Well, she’d never truly considered him “family” since their parents were only married for about 18 months before they both died in a drug overdose.


Tara shivered when she saw the hideous photos Markus waved in front of her face. She couldn’t believe that Markus had taken them all those years ago, and they were essentially child pornography. Tears welled in her eyes as she remembered the humiliation.


She had only been 15 at the time. Young and innocent. She’d come to this horrific place to help her mom. The floorboards creaked, and the smell was putrid. The people were just as worn down as the sad excuse for a room.


Her mother lay, passed out in her own vomit with very few clothes on. Tara ran to her, when a man reached out his gnarly hand and stopped her.


“She still owes us some dances,” he growled. “If you want to take her home, you’ll have to dance in her place.”


B—but, I’m only 15,” Tara stuttered quietly.


The man laughed evilly and said “even better. Get those clothes off and stand in the middle of the boys over there.”


When Tara hesitated, he grabbed her by the arm and said, “Look Miss Priss, you’d better take those clothes off and shake what your momma gave you if you want to get her out of here in one piece.”


She took a deep breath, and just did it. She’d never even had a boyfriend, and she certainly had never had her clothes off in front of men. She quickly slipped out of her clothes and tried to put her mind in another place.


She’d never forgive her mom for this. Her mom had certainly never been a ‘good’ mom, but this was a new low even for her.


Tara tried to block out the catcalls as she slowly swayed back and forth. The men surged forward, and reached out to squeeze her breasts, and even though he was so horrible, the man who’d forced her into this put a stop to their groping as they tried to reach between her legs.


“Now, now guys, this is a look don’t touch show,” he said with a leer at the underage girl.


That night was a low point in Tara’s life. She nearly threw up as she continued to dance in place of her wasted mother. She freaked out when she heard a camera click, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She just had to grit her way through this and get her mom out of here.


Finally, after what felt like hours, she was finished. As she struggled to wake her mom up, the man sauntered over to her and said, “any time you want to come back, you have a job here. Your mom is getting too old, and you’d be a perfect replacement.”


As if she’d ever come to a place like this again. Never. This was it, and her mother had better straighten up this time.


Looking at the photos now, she could not believe that Markus had been the one snapping pictures of her.


“Those pictures are child porn Markus.”


He laughed, and said, “Like you’re going to do anything about it. Do you want your hotshot lawyer fiancé James Hartmann and his perfect family to find out what a little whore you are? Dancing nude at only 15. You wanted it BAD didn’t you?”


Markus knew that Tara wasn’t like that, but the taunts further lowered her resolve about not allowing him to take advantage of her. He was right. She’d do nearly anything to keep James from finding out and this nightmare from becoming public. She certainly wasn’t proud of what she had done, but she had felt she had to do it to save her mother despite the fact that her efforts proved to be in vain when her mom died of an OD just a few short months after that incident.

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