A Writer might type her story alone, but it is the support in her life that makes the work possible.

Today, I  want to take time out from writing, editing and marketing. As the date draws near for my debut novel, If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery’s release (September 7, 2012). I’d like to acknowledge a group of people who helped make my dream come true. Though they each have been thanked individually, I’d like to thank them publicly.

First and foremost, to my husband, Alan. Accepting your proposal thirty-three years ago was the best decision of my life. You define ‘the love of a lifetime.’ Your constant support and encouragement can not be understated. You are my rock!

My family, what an amazing bunch you are, from my sisters and brothers, to my nieces and nephews, and cousins. All have cheered me on from the beginning.

To Brenda Piel from Apieling Pictures, thank you for your time and patience; the final product made me look incredible.

To Steve Hopkins from www.LogiCFX.net who spent many an hour developing my website and the patiences that task required. All who know me, know I’m technology blond. Steve, you showed grace under pressure. www.marianl.com I love it!

To Kristan Higgins who shares her knowledge and encourages all new writers, especially those of us who are lucky enough to be members of the CTRWA.

From the CTRWA, thank you, PJ Sharon, for all the FB and Twitter info you shared. And to Jamie Schmidt who explained what social network was and how to use it. Everyone at CTRWA are incredible writers and giving human beings! I love you guys.

A special thanks to Lea Schizas at MuseItUp Publishing for taking a chance on me and my Jake Carrington Series.

I almost forgot to thanks my wonderful editors who enhanced my books Julie Lynn Hayes and Les Tucker.

And last but not least, my critique partners, who  started out as aquaintences and fellow writers, but also became cherished friends. Thank you Gail Chianese, Kimberly K. Fox and Mandi Casey.

A special thanks to SavvyAuthors.com for all the classes and seminars offered to improve a writer’s skill set.

Photo supplied by Apieling Pictures

If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery is available for pre-order.

To Pre-order:


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  40. Susan, never too late. Thanks for the support, this is what I'm talking about.

  41. Marian, Late to the party as usual, but I'm checking in to congratulate you on that fabulous cover and am ready to help celebrate your release! Support counts for so much, doesn't it? We are lucky writers to have the group we do — Best wishes for continued success!

  42. Marian, it's your creative juices that are the main focus, at least for me. Without that the support would not surround you. Your inspiration and passion to pen words that make sense and flow smoothly needs to be acknowledged, as well. We fell in love with your story and very proud to have you with us.

    As for your support, kudos to all of them for making sure those creative juices never run dry.

    Keep writing…you've got a gift and there are eager readers out there who want to discover and fall in love with your characters and fictional worlds.

  43. Marian – first, congratulations on your upcoming release:) Second, I love that you give such a nice tribute/acknowledgment of all those who have supported you to the place you've come to be:) My list sounds about like your list – husband first and foremost, family second, and my crit groups, mentor/editor, and then Lea…she's been part of my writing life for a very long time (and she doesn't even know how much she's supported and guided me through the years).
    Wishing you all successes, Marian – from a sister Muser:)

    • Thank you so much, Kay Dee, MuseItUp and Lea have been great. It's been a pleasure working with them and meeting so many great authors like yourself.

  44. What a nice way to say thanks! Good luck with all the Jake Carrington Mysteries!


  45. It's so important to be surrounded by supportive people. Congratulations on your upcoming release. I love your cover!

  46. Thanks, Jamie, andthanks for all your help.

  47. Thanks, Jamie, andthanks for all your help.

  48. Thank you Marian! I can't wait to read your book! 😀

  49. Love the cover and look forward to reading this. Here's to many sales and great reviews!

  50. Congratulations on the impending release Marian, I'm grateful to have you as a crit partner, athor confidant, and friend :).

  51. It's been a privilege to work with you on your Jake Carrington books, Marian, and to get to know you as a person! I look forward to a long association with you!

  52. Marian, You have my heart felt congratulations. I'm so excited for you. Your readers do not know that you and I go back a ways. It seems we were destined to walk the same path in life. I'm happy to have a friend by my side as we both make this journey. I'm happy for you, my friend, and I can't wait to read your book!!!

    • And the same goes here, Gerri. Hey folks, Gerri's book A Pirate's Ransom comes out tomorrow. Check it out. I'm going to be the first one in line to read it.

  53. Aww, you're going to make me cry. ;0)

    What a wonderful post, Marian! It's always good to take a moment to remember those in our lives who have brought so much to us: support, love, encouragement, a good swift kick we when need it.

    I love being your critique partner, it means I get to read your wonderful stories first! And, I get so much in return: your fabulous feedback, more encouragement than I could ever dream of and a wonderful friend! Looking forward to September 7th and getting to share many more release dates with you.

    • You got me crying here , my friend. Thanks for the post and the wonderful, honest critiques. I can't wait for your book to come out. It it s totally awesome!

  54. Even though the work that's seen is done by someone sitting alone in a room, it takes a village to write a book. My husband Rod makes this and all good things possible. The list of others is long, very long. I'm ever so grateful for all the support.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Hi, Marian. As I clicked on your blog, the thought occured to me that we all have supporters in our pursuits and often, they are unsung.

    My biggest supporter is my friend, Susan. I handed her eight chapters of my little fledging and when she finished, she said to write more. I owe her so much.

    • Susan is a keeper. Isn't it great, Vicki, to have friends like that. I have three friend who were born and raised in the same building as me and to this day, we're still friends. And yes, they are cheering me on.

    • I forgot to mention–Vicki's book Store Wars is now out from MuseItUp Publishing. Very delicious story.

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