Author Bobbi Lerman talks about the Jitters of being published.

“Would you like to write a Chanukah themed novella for an upcoming holiday anthology?” My writer friend Marian Lanouette asked me back in the fall of 2014.  


I was more than a little flattered by the invitation to join this group of talented authors. Not to mention a little anxious where I had never written a novella before. I loved the idea; holiday stories are some of my favorites to read. They never fail to inspire, make me smile and always have a happy ending, (at least the ones I gravitate to). I loved the idea of creating my own tale. I just had one problem. I kept coming up blank for a story idea I could embrace until I sat down for the Jewish New Year celebration dinner one fall night a few years ago with my boisterous, loving, but in your face family and my up until then missing muse.

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Listening to my siblings, my nieces, nephews and assorted cousins banter back and forth, give opinions on everyone’s personal life whether asked or not brought up memories of my mom, Tillie and my aunts Koko and Florence who always believed everyone’s true love waited for them and could be found if the person just knew how and where to look. My mother was a repressed matchmaker; my aunt and a couple of my cousins (who shall remain nameless) were not so subtle. From that dinner along with a few deliberate nudges from my muse, Tillie the possibly otherworldly, definitely magical, always on the verge of retiring to Bocca matchmaker was born.


I was drawn to the idea of one family needing assistance in finding their own true loves. I based a lot of the personality traits of my character’s on family members. And yes, it is possible I may have imbibed them with a lot of exaggerated yet fun embellishments and okay, maybe a bit here and there was based on the irrepressible characters from the old TV show, The Nanny, most of whom I swear was based on my family members.


I’m more of a panster when it comes to plotting. I knew only two things for certain when I sat down to write the first story. One, the women in this family had given up on true love existing at least for them and the concept of happily ever after? For them just some far fetched fairy tale. Second, Tillie had more than one story in her.  Lucky for Tillie, and me The Season of Anthology has was followed from the first stories featured in Season of Magic, to Season of Love, Season of Surprises and the upcoming Season of Promises where I get to weave the tale of Tillie’s last match, or is it?


I hope the readers enjoy Tillie and her adventures as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  

 Author Bio:

Bobbi PhotoA self-proclaimed “muse locater,” Bobbi has been running workshops for over fifteen years aimed at helping writers unblock and find their voice and inspiration. She founded Scribbler’s Ink, an active online community and website offering interviews with authors, writing tips, daily prompts, workshops and retreats.


Bobbi Lerman’s love for writing began at a young age when she would spend her afternoon crafting short stories about her extended familyin the three decker home she grew up in and about life on the North Shore of Mass. she earned a degree in Fine Arts from Mass Art, and is a member of the Romance Writer’s of America, and the New England Romance Writers. 


Through the years, Bobbi’s writing has evolved to cover a multitude of topics, from travel writing for blogs such as Wanderlust Woman, View from the Pier and others. Today she primarly writes Historical Medieval Romance and travel essays.


When she isn’t writing ro work-shopping, Bobbi loves to travel, having spent time living in Europe. Today, she and her husband and cat Skye, make their home in Nahant. 


Bobbi is the author of three novella’s; Matchmaker, Matchmaker, An Unexpected Match and Providence in the Seasons Of Anthologies.  

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