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Market Or Write? Where do you find the time to do both?

I’m reading. Vicki Bateman’s Store Wars, what a great read and Casey Wyatt’s The Undead Space Initiative—this story is wonderful and unique, with some of the greatest lines I’ve read in a book lately. What are you reading, share below? … Continue reading

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Barbara’s Meanderings: Summer Teen Reading Party Winners!!!!!#comment-form#comment-form

I can’t wait to read the copy I won of If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor by Barbara Ehrentreu Barbara’s Meanderings: Summer Teen Reading Party Winners

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Today author Casey Wyatt bestowed on me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you, Casey. She publishes two posts every Friday. If you have a chance check out her blogs at and Secrets of 7 Scribes blog, you’ll be glad … Continue reading

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A short inspirational story today!

The First Half of My Life A SHORT STORY Life is like a picture. I see mine through snap shots laid out in bits and pieces. Snap Shot One: How is it at twenty-five I see myself back in time … Continue reading

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Join author Penny Estelle today as she strolls down memory lane

City Gal’s Trip Down Reality Lane (Part 1) Ten years before we retired (which was three years ago) my husband, Jim, and I bought 54 acres of land in rural NW Arizona.  As Jim’s job as a jet ski mechanic … Continue reading

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With the arrogance of a novice writer…

Photo by Apieling Pictures When I was laid-off from my mortgage job, I decided that everyday after I sent out my resumes and made my cold calls; I would do what I always dreamed I wanted to do. That was write. Well, … Continue reading

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Look at page 120 in your current wip then…

Post it here and get feedback on your work. Today I’m posting the last paragraph on page 120 of my current wip. This site is open to all ages, please keep that in mind when posting your passage. Thanks, Marian … Continue reading

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You’re invited to join me every Friday at the Nights of Passion blog

Photo by Apieling Pictures Hi, Folks. I’m honor to announced that I’ve been invited to blog at the Night’s of Passion blog every Friday, starting on June 22nd. Please come over and visit me there each Friday.  On the 22nd … Continue reading

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It’s Monday! Are You Writing?

Photo: Apieling Pictures.      Today I decided to write on the writing process. Do you write full-time or part-time? If you’re a full-time writer, do you write on the weekends also? If part-time, do you only write on weekends?      … Continue reading

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Looking to be reviewed or want to read a review before you buy?

Check out Kate Felix’s  Read2Review website: Where reading matters! Below is one of Kate’s latest reviews: Abandon by Meg Cabot Review by Kate I have enjoyed many of Meg’s previous works and when I received Abandon it lived on … Continue reading

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