Best Christmas by PJ Sharon

In the next two weeks, I’ve invited different authors to post their favorite Christmas memories. Today please welcome YA author PJ Sharon.  A hard decision presented itself to me. Which book of PJ’s would I showcase. Well, I loved them all, and I hope you enjoy them also.


My Best Ever Christmas Story


PJ Sharon

Happy Solstice, Happy Chanukah, and Merry Christmas everybody! I thought I would share a personal story about my best Christmas ever. Then I want to hear about yours.


Growing up the youngest of seven children to working class parents who struggled to make ends meet, I remember many years when we didn’t have much at Christmas. As a family, we made wreaths and sold them at my uncles Nursery to make extra money for Christmas presents. In addition, Mom and Dad pretty much went into debt on their Sears card to make sure we each had a present or two under the tree and a big Ham dinner on Christmas Day. I remember Dad complaining (covertly, of course) that he’d be paying for Christmas until July.


Flash to when I was about ten and I wanted to start ice skating lessons at the new rink that had just opened up that fall. My mother sighed and reminded me that “money didn’t grow on trees” and that we couldn’t really afford it with Christmas coming. She also mentioned being concerned that it would be just like the baton twirling lessons that I quit after two weeks. Ever the determined child, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I wanted to take skating lessons so badly, that I emptied my school bank account and used my life savings of thirty dollars to buy skates and pay for my first six weeks of lessons. After the first six weeks, my mom figured that since I was getting myself to lessons every Saturday, she would buy me another six weeks for Christmas…and then another six weeks for my birthday in February.


I went to as many public sessions as I could afford with my two dollar allowance so that I could practice. Sometimes, when there weren’t many people public skating, the rink manager would forget about us and let us stay on for the next session. I would use the pay phone to call home and excitedly tell my mother that I got another two hours for free. Pleased that I was focused, dedicated, and staying out of trouble—not to mention out of her hair—she would let me stay as long as I wanted. The rink became a second home. All this time, no one had been to the rink to see me skate. I was dropped off or picked up out front, I walked the mile to and from the rink, or I rode my bike if the weather wasn’t too bad. By summer time I was getting darn good in spite of the fact that I was still skating on a pair of skates I’d purchased from Bradlees for twelve bucks.

When I wanted to go to a four week summer camp that would cost us eighty dollars, Mom was hesitant. She drove school bus and since school was out, she didn’t get paid in the summer months and money was tight. She said no, and I was crushed.


Until she finally showed up early one day to pick me up and saw me skate. I was jumping and spinning and skating like the wind. My coach, a soft spoken and sweet man we called Mr. S., told her that I was by far his best student and that I had a natural talent that was rare. Mom found the eighty bucks. She took a second job, got me private lessons, and thus started my journey into the competitive skating world. But by later that fall, it was clear that I was on the ice with a very competitive group of skaters and that in the shark tank of figure skating, I was a guppy. (Yes, that is a line from my latest release, ON THIN ICE).


Now realize that by the time I was ten, most of my siblings had grown up and moved out, and were either working, in the military, or had started families of their own. As much of an adjustment as that was, it did afford me a few perks, not the least of which was my very own room, and no line for the bathroom. That Christmas, everyone came home. My brother was a Marine and one of my sisters was in the Navy and I hadn’t seen either of them in over a year.  We were all there in our tiny living room sitting on the floor or piled on the couch and around the tree opening presents. I picked up the heaviest package that had my name on it. It said it was from Santa, but that ship had sailed several years before. Usually I had a clue as to what my presents would be, having ferretted them out in my parents closet. But that year, I had no idea.


When I opened the box and found a brand new pair of Reidell figure skates with Gold Star blades, I burst into tears. All of my brothers and sisters had pitched in and bought me $159 pair of top-of-the-line skates. I hugged everyone in turn and we all cried. It was the best Christmas ever, and I’ll never forget that one moment when I knew without a doubt that I was loved. It was the last Christmas I had with my family before my mother was diagnosed with cancer the following year. I skated and competed for a few more years after that, and learned a lot about sacrifice and hard work. But mostly what I learned from those difficult times is that family is who comes through for you at the end of the day, and that Christmas isn’t about the gift, but about the love that comes with it.




Seventeen year old figure skater Penny Trudeau is a liar. She knows it, hates it, and can’t help herself. The truth is too hard and ugly. Her mother is dying of cancer, her father treats her as if she’s invisible, and she is starving—for food, for love, for acceptance, and mostly for the perfection that is just beyond her reach. When she finds comfort in the arms of Carter McCray, a hockey hunk a few years too old for her, the lies begin a chain of events that have dire consequences, not the least of which are a rape she can’t remember and a pregnancy she can’t ignore. If she reveals her secrets, will the shock and disappointment mean the end for her mother? Or has her mother been keeping the biggest secret of all?


About the author:

PJ Sharon is author of several independently published, contemporary young adult novels, including Molly finalist, HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, FAB Five finalist, ON THIN ICE, and SAVAGE CINDERELLA, a finalist in both the Sheila and the Florida Romance Writers Golden Palm contest. She is excitedly working on The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael, a YA Dystopian trilogy. WANING MOON, Book One, is now available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.


Writing romantic fiction for the past seven years and following her destiny to write Extraordinary Stories of an Average Teenage Life, PJ is a member of  RWA, CTRWA, and YARWA. She is mother to two grown sons and lives with her husband in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA.

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Heaven is for Heroes


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  119. The winner of ON THIN ICE is Melanie Meadors, randomly chosen to receive an e-book copy. Thanks again, Marian, for having me as your guest.

  120. Awesome story – thank you so much for sharing!

  121. What a great story, Paula! My growing-up situation sounds a lot like yours, and it made those Christmas gifts very special. 🙂

    • Life in a big family is a mixed blessing sometimes, but it’s through those tough exoeriences that you learn what it means to be part of something greater than yourself, to work together toward a common goal, and to appreciate the people in your life. Nice to see you here, Melanie:-)

  122. Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas memory, PJ. I have to agree with you, family is what it’s all about.

    • You’re very welcome, Gerri. It’s good to remember those things when people around us are caught up in the bustle of the season. I was lucky to have learned this lesson when I was young. It definitely helps keep me focused on what’s important.

  123. Thanks for saying so, Stephanie. Yep, this one’s a keeper.

  124. Wonderful Christmas Memory
    Your story made me cry PJ
    Good Luck with your book From your post here, I would have to say you must be a terrific story teller.

  125. Paula, beautiful, love in your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. You do have an amazing writing talent. And I am sure with your perseverance your skating journey fit the same talent as your writing. It is wonderful that your family appreciated you and your goals. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Those in your private life and those in your professional life. Marian, thanks for having Paula visit.

  126. Thank you, PJ, for sharing your story with us today. Good luck with your books and Happy Holiday!

    • Thanks so much for having me today, Marian. I look forward to responding to your guests. As an added Christams bonus, I’ll be gifting an e-book copy of ON THIN ICE to a random commenter:-)

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