Blizzard of 2013

The news media acts like we’ve never seen snow. It’s lovely here with the official 34″. Now for the dig out. I’m taking this break to write and put some serious word count on the pages. How about you? Share¬† your pictures.

Think I’ll see my car before spring?


Where’s the door?



  1. I haven’t been out yet, but much the same here as in CT.
    The media makes such a big deal out of a snow storm, making everyone crazy like the end of the world is approaching. Two women in a market nearby actually got into a fight of milk, how bizarre!

    • It is bizzare, Bobbi. Yesterday was my normal grocery day and I had to stand in line for over an hour. Lord, you should have seen what was in everyone’s cart. Talk about junk food.

  2. Here on L.I. in Huntington, 26.3 inches is the official reading! I sure hope my snowblower will start!

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