Happy Saturday! What Are You Reading

Today is Blog Party Saturday over at the Exquisite Quills. Jump over there and find new authors to you and their websites.

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Last weekend with the 4th of July holiday I turned off my electronics, except of course, my Nook. With the electronics off I read three books in three days. It was glorious. I read one for research, one for my guilty pleasure and one to intrigue me.


Yes, three very different genres. I love romance and mysteries. When an author combines the two into a romantic suspense I’m in heaven.


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Here are some of the authors I’ve read in the last month and a half.

Serenity Woods
Heather Choate
Kristine Cayne.
Lucy Kevin (Bella Andre)
Jamie K. Schmidt.
Vanessa Waltz.
Cheryl Yeko.
N.N. Light
Kayelle Allen
Sylvia Pierce.
Lily Zante.
Maggie Shayne.
Alexandra Ivy.
Laura Wright.
Bronwyn Green
Gail Ingis
Danielle Stewart.

Have you read any New To You Authors lately?

Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe.


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