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The first book in a series introduces you to wonderful characters and the people in their lives, their situations –both triumphs and tribulations. Check out Season of Thrills. You’ll be introduced to five full length novels all in one place.

Pre-order the box set for a limited time for ninety-nine cents (on sale only during pre-order. Goes back to the regular digital list price on December 1st). Available at all online vendors including Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Amazon and more!

Season of Thrills New Cover

FIRST Sentence – The desire to surrender, to slip into a painless, deep sleep tugged hard at Kay Taylor. – HELL OR HIGH WATERS by Jerrie Alexander (Lost and Found, Inc. Book 1)


FIRST Sentence – Mason Bailey gulped down his third Glenlivet. “I didn’t kill her.” –REFLECTION (A Whitney Steel Novel – Book One) by Kim Cresswell


FIRST Sentence – “Four weeks…. Two days…. Sixteen hours…….‘Til death.” –KILLING SECRETS (A Thorne’s Thorn Novel, Book One) by K. L. Docter


FIRST Sentence – “Give me the money and he’ll never see these,” he breathed, his noxious breath caused Tara Jacobs’s stomach to heave in rebellion. –BROKEN PIECES (Bits & Pieces Book One) by Rachel Kent


FIRST Sentence – “On days like this, Jake questioned if there was a God.” –IF I FAIL (A Jake Carrington Mystery Book One) by Marian Lanouette

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