Jake Carrington

Personality: A pleasant, likable man with an easy smile, it isn’t until you look deep into his eyes that you see the cop. He’s honest. Works ridiculous hours to solve a case. In his time he’s put away a few dirty cops which has garnered him a few enemies inside the department. His love of the outdoors shows on his face. In his off-hours you can catch him boating, snowboarding, skiing and hiking. He’s a well-built ruggedly, athletic, handsome man.

Age: 31
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 175 lbs.
Birthplace: Wilkesbury, Connecticut
Eye color: Bottle Green
Hair color: Reddish Brown
Occupation: Homicide Lieutenant
Wealth: Very comfortable, from investments and an inheritance.
History: Chose his career after a tragedy in his teens.
Siblings: A sister who was raped and murdered at the age of fifteen. His guilt over Eva’s death has never left Jake.
Inspiration: His father who was a Captain in the Wilkesbury Police Department.
Birth date: April 23rd
Skills: Marksman, puzzles, persistent
Fears: When a case can’t be solved.
Internal conflict: He will never forgive himself for not giving his late sister a ride on that fateful day.
Dreams: He would love to have what his friend and partner Louie Romanelli has, but can’t see how he can manage career and family.
Dislikes: Can’t stand pushy women or possessive women. They make him run for the hills.
Food: Pizza, burgers, fish and steak. Loves Sophia Romanelli’s cooking
Offspring: None
Background: 1st generation Irish-American.

At sixteen, a bright future lay before Jake Carrington. As a star athlete for his high school, he was courted by all the top colleges in the country. The toughest decision Jake needed to make before he chose a college was which sport he wanted to play. He excelled at both baseball and football. Baseball held his heart, but the football scholarships offered were located in better climates.

As captain in the Wilkesbury Police Department his dad garnered respect, but he wanted more for his children, and in Jake’s case he hoped to see his son play pro-ball. All these dreams came crashing down around Jake in the summer of his senior year.

Jake’s sister Eva was brutally raped and murder in the summer by one of Jake’s classmates. Eva and he were close. Never in his young life had he felt such pain. Until that day, Jake didn’t know or understand evil. After accompanying his father to the morgue to identify Eva’s body, Jake swore he would do whatever it took to make sure no one else ever felt the agony he and his family were going through. It was on that day he decided to become a cop. The guilt never left his mind or his heart. Deep down he felt he caused her death. She had asked for a ride that day. He had refused because he was on his way to his girlfriend’s house. Five minutes. He felt she died because he was too selfish to go five minutes out of his way. Though they were difficult years, He got through them with the help of his friend and now partner Louie Romanelli.

Since Eva’s death Jake had one goal: to be the best homicide detective he could be. His romantic life only consists of casual dates. His job always comes first. That is until Mia Andrews came along.

Recently promoted to lieutenant of the homicide division, he along with Louie try to beat back the frustration as a brutal case involving rape and murder grows cold. This one has hit too close to home for Jake. To make matters worse, he dated the victim’s sister, Chloe Wagner a few times, until she became bossy and possessive. Now she’s stalking Jake and Mia. He and Louie continue to investigate the murder when new evidence turns up; and to Jake’s horror, the evidence points to Chloe Wagner. Did he miss this important evidence the first time around because he was initially attracted to Chloe? Or was someone taunting both him and Chloe?

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