My First Radio Show Interview–Click below to listen


  1. Sylvia, you can still listen to the radio show now. Just click on the arrow to start the recording. I seem to have a lot of those days lately. I also agree with you. Vicki is not only a talented writer, I love her sense of humor.

  2. I missed your radio interview!!! Gosh darn it. Yesterday was one of those days where you spend in the car running errands, thought I did get my page count done. I’m sorry Vicki!! What is my favorite pie? Well, I love buttermilk pie. My aunt makes the absolute best buttermilk pie. It’s so creamy and rich. My husband and son love the pumpkin pie and I make one from scratch (yes, I bake the pumpkins) every year. I made one on Sunday and it’s almost gone. I HATE FRUIT CAKE. Sorry, but it’s so dry and so many weird fruits in it. Now if you soak it in brandy, I might consider trying it again. Can’t wait for this book to come out. I know you will have me laughing out loud at some point during the story and that’s my favorite kind of read.

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