Next Big Blog Tour–Julie Lynn Hayes


Thanks, Marian, for letting me visit your blog! Especially today, for it’s a special occasion for me. It’s my birthday! So yeah, I’m super excited about being here!

Where should I start? I guess I’ll begin with a little bit about me. I turn 56 today, and I was born in 1956, so maybe numerically that means something? I’m not sure! Been married twice, have five children, only one still at home, my twenty-two year-old daughter Sarah, who is a journalism/English major at Florissant Valley Community College. We have two cats, The Mighty Ramesses, and Lady Chablis. And we have fun living together.

I’m also an author, first having been published back in the 90’s. But it wasn’t until 2010 that my career really took off with the release of To the Max by Dreamspinner Press. I’ve been published since that time by a few publishers, but I’ve also decided to try self-publishing, and have just released my second self-published story, so let me tell you a little about that.

Sex on the Beach Christmas Style was originally published by a now defunct publisher, Wicked Nights, in late 2010. Wicked Nights ended in June 2011, and the story went out of publication at that time. I recently reworked it, made it better, and made my own cover, then released it. You can find it at:

Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe, soon to be at Barnes and Noble and

Blurb:  Scott’s a young man at the end of his rope—rejected by his lover, disrespected by his parents for being who he is, life doesn’t seem worth living. When he unexpectedly wins a trip to Hawaii, including an invitation to a special Christmas party, it seems like the solution to everything. The final solution.


Grigori’s a demon with ambition—that ambition being to rise in the hierarchy of Satan’s minions.  When he senses that something of the supernatural sort is happening in a strange house in Hawaii, he smells opportunity, and he’s on it!


Christmas in Hawaii just got a whole lot hotter!


Excerpt:  What he saw was the most beautiful man he’d ever seen in his entire life. At least, not in person. He didn’t count the pretty men that he lusted after on the movie screen. Those men didn’t count—they were actors, they were playing a role, and they were far away, while this man was right here and right now.  And quite beautiful.

He had the most liquid brown eyes Scott had ever seen, like pools of melted chocolate. The longer he stared into them, the more he lost the ability to speak. But at the moment, conversation seemed to be optional. Scott decided he’d just watch this veritable god pass by, and maybe just drool over him a little. Or a whole lot. And then turn and watch him walk away, and sneak a peek at what was undoubtedly an amazing ass. It would be a very lovely final image to take with him.

Except that it didn’t work like that at all.

The man didn’t walk by him. He stopped directly in front of him. The gorgeous stranger held out his hands toward Scott, palms up. Scott felt the rhythm of the native drums echoed by his pounding heart. That and this man’s proximity.  Both were wreaking havoc with his brain. Both brains. Without hesitation, Scott slid his hands inside the other’s.

Walking backwards, Grigori drew Scott along with him, onto the dance floor. This had been an entirely impromptu move on his part. The insistent pounding of the drums echoed in his own heartbeat. He felt incredibly alive, exhilaratingly so. And irresistibly drawn to Scott, for reasons he didn’t bother to analyze.

They fell into step together, an impromptu tango with a distinctively Hawaiian twist. Scott was grateful for the dance lessons he’d taken. They’d been intended as a couple’s exercise, something to sweeten his and Todd’s relationship, but Todd had backed out at the last minute. Since they were already paid for, the practical Scott had gone alone. And now his thriftiness was paying off.


I also have a release coming up in February which means a great deal to me, so I’d like to touch on that for a moment, if I may. This is a story that was forty years in the making. When I was a teenager, I decided I wanted to tell Judas Iscariot’s story, but I wasn’t sure how. From a historical perspective? There aren’t a lot of records from that time period, and a lot of conjecture and assumptions. So I read and I thought, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed until a few years ago, when my two younger daughters, got me interested in and involved in the world of m/m love, something I’d no real experience with. I began to write fanfiction about such romances, mostly in the Harry Potter fandom.

And then one day, Judas began to speak to me. And I began to listen and write what he had to say, not sure at all of where he was going. The result is my book, Revelations, which is being published by Museit Up Publishing in February 2013, just in time for Easter. What is Revelations about? Let me tell you.

I asked myself one day, who do we know the Second Coming hasn’t already occurred, but quietly? Maybe more besides? What if God sent Jesus and the Apostles back every so often, to test mankind, see what he’s learned, what more he can learn, in regard to the lessons God wants him to learn? This book takes my theory and expands on it. It’s set in the present time. Jesus and his apostles are a Christian rock band, who travel and preach the word of God. But their time is almost through, again. Judas has been in love with Jesus for some two thousand years and never dared tell him. But he’s tired of seeing him die far too young, never get to live out his life and be happy. So this time, he’s decided to do something about it—even if that means making a deal with the devil.

The cover artist for Revelations did an amazing job. I’m very happy with it, and I hope you love it too.

Thank you for having me here, Marian, it’s been fun! Talk to you later!

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  180. Julie, we’ve had problems with the site today. People have tried to leave comments. I hope it is fixed.

  181. Julie, I’ve read Revelations and loved the thought provoking ideas in your book. I challenges everything I was taught. I wish you much success when it releases in February of 2013

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