Police Sketch Artist and Their Role in the Department

Book Three

All the Consequences is the working title for book six.

Another story popped into my head about team members. I really like Joel Bennett the police artist who has appeared in a couple of the books. I thought it would be interesting to develop him into a full blown story. In some departments he’s required to go to the police academy and become an officer. With that in mind, I made it a requirement for the Wilkesbury department. He’s a police officer who has never been on the streets.

Did you know a Police Sketch Artist is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in forensic art training in most departments? He/she also needs to be Forensic artist certified after graduation. It’s a tough field to break into. There’s on average only a one percentage job growth per year.

When called into action in All the Consequences a tough situation can Joel Bennett needs to serve and perform his duty to save a group of people in a hostage situation? Something he’s trained for–but he’s never been on the streets…

It will be interesting to discover how Joel reaches inside of himself and learns who he really is as he struggles to deal with the suspects and save the hostages. Will he be up for the job? Stay tune for more info. Joel tries to memorize everything about the suspects so he can capture them on paper once everyone is freed.

Questions I’ll ask myself as I develop the character in this story:

After this life alternating situation will he want to become a full-fledged officer, or stay as a sketch artist who rarely leaves the station?

Will he need someone other than himself to let him know that his unique talent is a valuable service in the police process of apprehending the guilty?

And do I have him step up to the challenge or have him deal with his cowardliness after he’s freed?

I can see so many possibilities for this story and character that I’m itching to write it now. But first, I need to finish book five All the Sickly Games.

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