Publisher of Reader’s Shadow E-Magazine joins me today


1.) Where did the idea for Readers’ Shadow E-magazine come from?

Reader’s Shadow was something I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to offer more space for the site. I like to have at least 1 item per day on the site to truly put the emphasis on that one author or event. However there are only 365 days a year and many of them are taken months in advance so I needed more room.

The other reason was because as we were celebrating our first blogiversary I wanted to really celebrate in style. When I sent out the emails regarding the magazine I wasn’t sure how it was going to take shape but I am so happy with the final outcome.


2.) It’s an ambitious undertaking, and I know you’ve had great success with the Read2Review site. Do you foresee the magazine being as successful as your review site? And if so, why?

I would love to say yes. I am very tempted to say yes, but I never expected Read 2 Review to be as successful as it has been. Every day I am excited to see what is to come for the site. I work hard for the site to help everyone with their requests. If this makes it successful then hopefully yes I do see the magazine being a success too. Although I don’t want to count those chickens just yet.


3.) I check out your site daily to find authors new to me and find your reviews helpful. Are they paid reviews?

No. I have thought about maybe charging for reviews but not really followed the thought process through. I love what I do and my payment comes from the books we receive, the people we work with and the friends that I have made along the way.


4.) I understand you also offer authors blog tours to promote their books? What is involved in that process?

Our blog tour site Page Turner Book Tours is a new take on the touring process. We offer authors different packages that have a creative take on them. We like to offer the best we can so we came up with several packages that we feel offer the best to our authors. We add in special handmade items as an added bonus.


5.) Your creative mind impresses me. It seems everything you do is so successful. So after the magazine achieves the success of Read2Review what’s next for you?

My dream, if possible would be to work in some capacity in the literary world. I love what I do at the moment and if I could make it into a business I would be living my dream.


6.) If a conglomerate offered to purchase Reader’s Shadow would you be willing to not only sell it, but work for them also?

I’m not sure. Part of me says yes BUT only if I worked for them as the
editor/person in charge of the magazine. Part of me says no. Reader’s
Shadow is my baby. Though I would want what’s best for the magazine. I do know that whatever happened, I can see Reader’s Shadow being part of my life
for a very long time.

To contact Kate:

Read 2 Review – > > Page Turner Book Tours – > > Reader’s Shadow – >



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  182. Miss Kate:
    I would be most happy to be involved in your reviews. I have 4 books that are published and are very good. What do I do?
    James M. Copeland

  183. Hi Marian, Hello Kate – I agree with PJ, it sounds like another great way to bring readers together with authors they’d love to read:) Thanks for sharing Kate, her Read2Review site, and this new magazine;)

  184. Very nice to meet you, Kate. Glad to see your e-magazine is so successful. Thank you for doing what you do. We authors appreciate you reviewers!
    Katy Lee
    katylee (at) cox (dot) net

  185. Kate, I’m so excited to have you here today. Everyone with your comments to Kate make sure to leave your email address so Kate can connect you with. This is a great opportunity to promo you book in her new exciting e-magazine the Reader’s Shadow.

  186. WTG Kate! This looks like an awesome opportunity for both readers and writers. Thanks for sharing your dream with us and providing such a great venue to find excellent authors and books.

    Terrific interview, Marian!

    • Pj, thank you for stopping by it is. Kate, PJ is an author YA author whose books draw such emotions from the reader. I have her email address. Two of my favorites are Heaven is for Heroes and Savage Cinderella.

Comments are closed