Scandinavian Gold Cake

I love this recipe and make it often. To add a little spice for a different flavor I add all spice and cinnamon. Have fun with it.


cake picture

That’s right. I couldn’t wait once it was out of the oven to taste it.

*Scandinavian Gold Cake


1 cup of soft butter

1 1/3 cup of shifted flour

5 eggs

1 1/3 sugar

1 ½ baking powder

½ salt—I never use salt in any of my recipes

½ teaspoon almond or vanilla extract (I use a whole teaspoon for the flavor)


Place the butter and flour in a mixing bowl. If using an electric mixer, mix for 5 minutes on low speed or until the mixture is like meal and well blended.  Or mix with finger tips (I use an electric blender)

Again on low speed, add the eggs one at a time. Or beat in one at a time by hand. Shift the sugar, baking powder and salt together.  Shift over the flour mixture, add in flavoring and mix at low speed. It is here that I will add my extra spices if I want a different flavor.

Fold mixture into a well-greased 10 inch tube pan.


Bake in a 325F preheated oven for one hour or until the cake springs back. Turn out onto a rack to cool. This cake is so rich that it is usually served with no frosting, but sometimes a lace paper doily is put on the top and powdered sugar is shifted over it to leave a pattern. This is frequently served as a coffee cake.


*Recipe taken from James Beard’s American Cookery

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