Season of Thrills Excerpts: Today, author A. J. Carella

Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting excerpts from the exciting novels included in the SEASON OF THRILLS series. First up is A. J. Carella’s True Deceit.




TRUE DECEIT by A.J. Carella


The phone was ringing as Elliot stepped through the door to his apartment. He briefly considered letting the machine get it but he knew that if he did that and they didn’t leave a message, it would just bug him.


Flinging his jacket onto the couch, he quickly grabbed it and answered. “Hello?”


“Hey Elliot.”


He recognized the voice immediately. “Frank, hey. Long time.”


“Too long, buddy. How’s life treating you in smallsville?”


Elliot let out a short laugh. “It’s not that small, but yeah, it’s taking a bit of getting used to. How are things in big bad Boston?”


“Not the same without you, that’s for sure. The guy I had to replace you with? Jeez, I’m surprised he ever made it through the academy.”


Though it was nice to hear from his old boss, Elliot knew that he wasn’t calling just to shoot the breeze. “So to what do I owe this pleasure? You coming down for a visit?”


He heard Frank let out a long breath and knew this wasn’t going to be good news. “We got him Elliot.”


Elliot walked over to his couch and sank down onto it. He didn’t need to ask who he was talking about, he knew already.


“Johan. We got Johan.”


“How?” he croaked, his voice raw with emotion.


“There was a big drug bust and we got lucky. He wasn’t expected to be there. You can imagine how surprised we were to see him. He was supposed to be in Columbia, we had no intel that he was back on US soil.”


“Has he been indicted?”


“Yes, he going to stand trial on charges of murder, drug trafficking, extortion, blackmail … the list goes on. Thing is, we’re going to need you back here for the trial. I’ll clear it with your bosses there.”


“Okay, let me know the details and I’ll be there.” he paused. “Thanks Frank, I owe you one.”


“Nah buddy, what he did to you, he did to us as a family. Now it’s time for him to pay.”


Elliot put the phone down and realized that his palms were damp and his hands were shaking. They’d got him. The man who had kidnapped and murdered his wife and baby boy was in prison.


Going into his bedroom he sat on his bed and picked up the photo frame that had pride of place on his bedside table. With his fingertip, he traced the outline of the woman in the picture before touching the little boy who stood at her feet, his arms wrapped around her lower leg. The picture had been taken when Robert was just two years old while they were on vacation at Disneyland. Both of them were smiling at the camera widely, happy to be spending some much needed time together as a family. Two months later they were both gone.

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