Thank you!

I want to thank everyone who has read If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery and for your lovely comments, reviews and support. This week on Amazon, If I Fail reached the top 400 on Amazon Kindle Books for Police Procedurals.

It wouldn’t be there if not for you.

As I worked on If I Fail, I always wondered if it would see the light of day. Now that it has, I have to tell you it’s been an amazing journey of discovery, seeking out like minds and learning the business.

Do I get excited when I see my work on websites and in the book stores? Yes, I do. It’s an incredible feeling to see my work out there. Everytime, it leaves me breathless. You see the doubt monster plagues  all authors, actors and musicians, until that moment you see your work come to fruition.  I can’t tell you how nauseous I was on September 7th when If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery released.

So many good things have come from this adventure. I joined professional organizations and met some wonderful, talented authors and made friends. I’ve been invited to blog at two excellent sites.  The most recent is the Raven Craft’s Romance Realm Blog. I’ll be a regular bi-weekly contributor on Tuesday’s at the Raven Craft’s Romance Realm Blog. I ‘m honored because this site if filled with such gifted authors that have welcomed me in their realm. My next post is not until Tuesday, November 13th. Still, check it out daily to discover new, engaging authors.

When you visit, also check out the side bar.  Jake and I have been added to the long list of prestigious authors. So cool!

The other site, which I post on every Friday is the Nights of Passion This site also boast many creative, talented authors. I am so honored and blessed to know and work with them.

Once again,  I want to remind everyone to check out all the creative, gifted authors both sites offer on a daily basis. It is certainly worth your while. Who knows what worlds and love you’ll discover.


Read the review for my next book:





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