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Book One

It’s a scary title, thoughts and ideas. I’m often asked at book signings and appearances where they come from.

I’ve always had an overactive imagination but sometimes, as in the case of Jake Carrington, they pop into my head and refuse to get out until I put them to paper.

I was working on my first full length novel when Jake did exactly that. He was so loud, I had to put the book I was working on aside and jot down his story. Mid way through All the Deadly Lies, I realized Jake was a series. There was no way I could tell his story in one book.

In realizing this, I took a month to get acquainted with all his associates and friends to see if I liked them and wanted to spend time with them. And guess what?

I did.

In each book I try to bring to the forefront another character and their side stories that make them—them. For instance, Louie Romanelli, Jake’s partner and friend is a family man born of old world parents.

This reflects in Louie’s personality and relationship with his wife Sophia. In book three All the Pretty Brides, Louie’s distracted as he and Jake hunt down a serial killer. Louie and Sophia go at each other hard for the first time in their marriage. Sophia’s first job outside their marriage in seventeen years has Louie questioning their traditional roles. I’m going to stop here. I don’t want to give anything away.

Officer Stella Fisher—Is it her time?

In Book five, All the Sickly Games (working title), Officer Stella Fisher will be coming to the forefront as she stands for the detective’s test. Her journey is an interesting one—fraught with perils and politics—as is common with any small department trying to move into the twenty first century. 

Police work is tough. Being a woman serving on the job is tougher. I’m very excited about this story. I’ve been interviewing women police officers for years and have listened to their stories as they pass the grueling tests to be a cop. It’s a battle they fight each day to succeed at their job as they knock down the barriers for others.  I know I don’t have what it would takes to succeed as a cop so these hard working women and man have my respect.

These women are resilient in their chosen profession, in what some consider a man’s world. The hardest part some say is remaining true to oneself.

I have my beginning and the major plot points for this story…and though I outline (loosely) I love discovering the story as I write—more on Stella’s story as she breaks into homicide and works under Jake’s command.

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