Today’s a day for reassessing my goals, not making them

Today, I’m reviewing my 2017, my five year and my ten year writing goal lists. I have to do this before I can make goals for 2018 and beyond.


I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished 90% of my five year goal list, and 70% of my ten year one. I made these lists after hearing Kristan Higgins speak at the NEC Conference in 2011. Before than I wasn’t a list maker. But her speech was so encouraging, and she credited her success on following her goal lists (I have to say it was also because she is a very talented lady.) As we all know today Kristan is a New York Times best selling authors. So I found it prudent to follow her example. I keep these list above my computer for days when I get discouraged or distracted. It helps me focus on the end game.


Since 2011 I’ve tweaked and crossed off items on both list as I completed them. It amazes me what I’v accomplished in that time period. So today, I’m reviewing my 2017 items and either knocking off items or transferring them to 2018.

2017 List (and I get to knockoff  some items on my 5 and 10 year ones. Win, Win.)

I love the cover for Jake’s first book with Kensington. What do  you think?

Lanouette.All The Deadly Lies

Book contract with Traditional publisher. Done, in February 2017 I signed a four book deal with Kensington for my Jake Carrington Thriller Series. The first one All the Deadly Lies releases on February 27th. If you’re interested, here is the preorder link:

Ebook All the Deadly Lies

Paperback Edition All the Deadly Lies

Increase social media presence: Done

Write fourth book in Jake Carrington Thriller Series: I’ve got the outline done and several chapters, but have been busy editing the first three books for Kensington, I’ve  had no time to write but will make time in 2018. Will be first thing on my 2018 list. Book is due May 1, 2018.

Complete mystery holiday romance novel: This one was put aside to meet my contract obligations. Will be the fourth item on my 2018 list.

2018 List

Turn in final proof of All the Hidden Sins (release date July 31, 2018) by January 3, 2018. Turned in on 12/31/17. Done

Complete and turn in fourth book All the Dirty Secrets to Kensington by May 1st deadline. This one needs to get to my personal editor no later than April 1, 2018, preferably by March 15, 2018.

Copy and Content edits from Kensington for third book All the Pretty Brides (release date December 18, 2018.)

Marketing: Shot for USA Today’s bestselling list.

Promote All the Deadly Lies Winter 2018

By February 15, 2018 produce first newsletter.

Promote All the Hidden Sins Spring and Summer 2018

Promote All the Pretty Brides Fall and Winter 2018

Become more active on Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Edits: Kensington on All the Dirty Secrets (late 2018)

Complete 1st draft of mystery romance novel. Set aside.


In between all this there’s a life to be lived and enjoyed. There are many more items on this list both professionally and personally, but I’m reserving them for another post.


I hope you all have a Happy, Properous, and Healthy New Year!


Marian Lanouette

PS if you’d like an early copy of All the Deadly Lies, sign up at Netgalley as a reviewer and grab your copy now. Here’s the link:

Netgalley Sign up for All the Deadly Lies



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