What does Jake have in common with Taken 2’s Bryan Mills?

I absolutely love Taken 2’s movie poster. It has that same gritty feel to it that my cover has for If I Fail.

Today I’m asking the question what does Jake Carrington and Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson have in common. Besides their hot looks. As a side note,  I have to say I’ve always gushed over Liam, but now Jake’s taken the number one position.

Sizzle anyone!

Both covers portray a certain darkness that resides in each character. With Jake it’s his sister’s brutal rape and murder years ago. Jake still mourns to this day and fights his heartbreak by chasing down criminals.

With Bryan Mills it was the kidnapping of his daughter Kim in Taken that set’s Mills into action. Mills possessed a certain skill set from his days as a CIA agent. Those skills saved his daughter from some ruthless villains. In the process he killed one of the kidnappers.

Jake now runs the homicide divison. His position as lieutenant puts him in the forefront to reaching his goals.

In Taken 2 Bryan and his wife are kidnapped by the father of the kidnapper he killed in Taken. A man who swore revenge against him. This time, it’s Kim who must save both her parents from a deranged man.

Jake each year appears at the parole board hearings to make sure his sister’s killer remains in prison. In book four, A Demented Mind Jake will have to deal with the killer in a “To the Death” kind of fight. But for now he chases down killers and even falls in love with one.

Stay Tune…





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Marian is the author of the Jake Carrington Series. If I Fail, released in September 2012. Burn in Hell will be released in January 2013. Both published by MuseItUp Publishing. In December 2012 her short story As the World Ends is scheduled for release. She loves to hear from reader and can be contacted at:







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  156. And you know them well, seeing that you create them the best. Thanks, Kristan

  157. Love those tormented, brooding alpha heroes!

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