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A botched missing person's case. A nervous mob boss. Lt. Jake Carrington's gut tells him Phil Lucci is being cagey-with good reason. Jake can see this case has been mishandled from the beginning. Sloppy police work? Or does Lucci's hand reach as far as the WPD? It's Jake's job to find the answers. Jake meets Kyra Russell, a woman with an unusual job-she runs the local crematory. Despite the heated attraction between them, Jake becomes more and more suspicious of Kyra. Her gambling problem has already cost her a marriage and custody of her son. More than that, she also happens to be friends with Phil Lucci. Kyra assures Jake that it's just coincidence, but Jake's experience and his instincts warn him not to believe in chance. Can Kyra be burning bodies for the mob? If she is, what will Jake do about it?

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Are rules really meant to be broken. Jake Carrington finds out the hard way and the answer is no! Dating Chloe Wagner was a huge mistake, and Jake should have known better-he's investigating the murder of Chloe's sister. Now Chloe is the number one suspect in that murder. If she's convicted, Jake could lose not only his rank, but his job. If that's not bad enough, he's got a stalker on his hands, someone who's threatening his fledgling relationship with the lovely Mia. Things are getting just a little too a little too personal for comfort!

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Could you kill to survive? Would you? Rob and Lauren Henderson are faced with these decisions as they escape to the mountains to wait out the chaos happening around the country. Explosions in their neighborhood and looting have them packing up their car to head to a secluded area. Believing the Mayan prophecy has come to pass, Rob swears to Lauren he will protect her at all costs. Once up on the mountain they encounter man's worse predator--man. Survivalist nut Roan Kline was prepared for the end. It doesn't matter it's happening a year later than predicted. He to heads up the mountain for the spot he had set-up for this very event. Who survives when one man believes he's entitled to another man's woman? In the end there were three...then there were two.

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